3-D Modeling

Would it help you to have 3-D head and face models representing real U.S. populations on your computer?

Anthrotech can provide them... and a lot more. Anthrotech uses a state-of-the-art color scanner to produce exact three-dimensional contours of the human head/face and other small objects that can be used for the design and sizing of items based on shape as well as size. 3d modeling - 3d scan They can help you:

  • Correct flaws in existing designs.
  • Test and integrate prototypes with companion equipment, simulated work spaces, and virtual human models.
  • Maximize the effects of ads, catalogs, and product displays by using a variety of perspectives.
  • Create and manipulate images for animation, computer games, special effects, movies, multimedia presentations, and products such as Bobbleheads.

Our Anthroheads come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. You can have:

  • A 'family' of small, medium, and large heads representing a given population.
  • Single head-and-face models – such as a small African-American female – for specialized needs.
  • Actual heads. Anthrotech has taken its equipment into the field to scan individuals – well known sports figures – for advertising and promotional purposes.

We deliver scanned images via e-mail, CD, or Zip disks. We can also provide a NURBS model of any of our scans. NURBS are an industry standard for the representation and design of geometry. They can also be employed for animation.

Anthrotech also uses a Faro Arm to digitize individual points in 3-D space or in various XYZ formats. The Faro Arm can be used to:

  • Digitize large stationary objects such as plane cockpits and tractor cabs.
  • Digitize subjects occupying such workspaces.
  • Obtain hard-to-reach human measurements such as data points on wheelchair-bound subjects.


CONTACT US at the address below to find out more about how 3-D scanning can help you.