About Anthrotech

Anthrotech HistoryFormerly known as Anthropology Research Project, Anthrotech 's roots go back to 1950. New statistical procedures for analyzing large quantities of data and the need to improve the effectiveness of equipment used in World War II combined to make applied anthropometry a reality.

Anthrotech HistoryAnthrotech was a pioneer in assembling and analyzing comparative male / female data for a variety of public agencies and industrial firms.   The increasing number of design problems encountered by women occupying workspaces, using equipment, and wearing protective clothing originally devised for men has necessitated our new approach.  We have created integrated male / female sizing programs for military clothing and equipment, and provided related information to firms such as Bell Laboratories and the 3M Company.  We have also provided measurement data to a number of other industries over the years, for use in the design and sizing of such products as furniture, trucks, auto interiors, and surgical gloves.

Under the direction of the current president, Dr. Bruce Bradtmiller, Anthrotech continues to serve a variety of clients - collecting and analyzing body size information, creating sizing systems, conducting fit tests of prototype and existing products, offering 3-D scanning services, and teaching courses in measurement techniques