Data Bank and Analysis

Are you planning to develop a new product? Thinking of expanding your market?
Having problems with returns?

You need to know more about the size and shape of your customers. Anthrotech's data bank is unique in the world. It contains hundreds of human dimensions, broken down by critical market demographics, such as race, age, gender, and vocation.

The data bank contains body size information and summary statistics that represent all the U.S. military populations, the U.S. civilian workforce, U.S. children, and a number of foreign nationals.

data bank and analysis Anthrotech - Diverse Group - Human Dimensions - Race, Age, Gender, Vocation

Our database and analytical expertise can help you:

  • Design better products.
  • Redesign flawed systems.
  • Create sizing systems.
  • Identify and correct problems in existing sizing systems.
  • Modify design or sizing to fit expanding diversity in your user population.
  • Lay out workspaces such as truck cabs and factory-floor work stations.

We have provided these services to all the major U.S. military forces, government agencies such as the National Institutes of Safety and Health (NIOSH), and a number of industrial concerns.

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