Fit Testing

Are you getting more returns than you'd like to see? Fielding complaints about poor fit?
Losing business to competitors?

Anthrotech tests the fit of your products on real people, providing practical results to improve product sizing and design.

Fit tests can help you:Fit Testing

  • Identify human factors and fit problems early in the design phase.
  • Avoid costly changes after large-scale production has begun.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ products.
  • Pinpoint specific sizes that are not working for your customers.

An Anthrotech fit test combines information about the fit of the product with information about the body size of the test subjects. Some clothing and equipment fit well on static subjects. Flaws are revealed only when they go into action. Fit tests can be focused on fit only, or can be expanded to include simulated tasks and job functions. In either case, the result is a list of specific recommendations (e.g. increase adjustability in the waist tab by ½ inch) that improve the fit of your product for the intended market.

Anthrotech can also help you develop an in-house test panel. An in-house test panel made up of your own employees allows you to test, on a continuing basis, prototypes on persons of specific body dimensions. We can help you identify specific individuals who, together, represent the range of variability you need to accommodate in your product.

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