Sizing and Grading

Launching a new product? Thinking of adding sizes to an existing product?
Hoping to break into a foreign market?

Anthrotech develops sizing systems that will accommodate the full range of your target market in the fewest number of sizes.

Our sizing systems can help you:Sizing and Grading

  • Improve the fit, comfort, and safety of clothing and protective equipment.
  • Identify seldom-used sizes for possible elimination.
  • Recommend additional sizes to increase market share.
  • Customize garments for specific user groups.
  • Avoid costly returns.

Anthrotech creates anthropometric design and sizing systems based on a thorough understanding of the body-size variability in a given market. We use proven statistical methods to divide dimensions into useable Anthrotech - Diverse Group - Sizing and Gradingand cost-effective sizing categories that accommodate the largest number of users in the fewest number of sizes. Our experts can also estimate the number of each size that will be needed for an initial order - minimizing excess and unsold inventories.

Anthrotech maintains one of the largest data banks of body size information in the world, and has developed methods for creating sizing systems tailored to fit client needs. We have worked with a variety of military and industrial clients in sizing clothing, space suits, and protective equipment ranging from oxygen masks to children's bicycle helmets.

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