Body Size Surveys

Do you know what your customers look like? Anthrotech knows… or we can find out.

Anthrotech is the most experienced firm in the world in measuring the human body and its parts.

We have had major responsibility for almost every significant body size survey of U.S. military personnel conducted since 1950. With five decades of experience behind us, Anthrotech has set the standards for anthropometric measuring and sampling techniques.

Our surveys can help you:Anthropometric Survey

  • Design and size specialized products, such as nasal strips, for which insufficient data exists.
  • Improve the design and sizing of items for specialized user populations, such as infants or persons with disabilities for whom insufficient data exists.
  • Update body size data on populations that have not been measured for several decades.
  • Redesign workspaces for workers in a particular vocation, such as school bus drivers, or luxury car buyers who vary from the general U.S. population in several important dimensions.

Anthrotech designs both large- and small-scale surveys to obtain specific information on particular populations of interest to a manufacturer or agency. We carefully evaluate our clients' design requirements before selecting an appropriate sample and determining the dimensions to be measured.

New 3-D laser scanning techniques have enabled us to broaden our data collection capabilities. In recent years we have completed a number of 3-D head and face studies, including a nationwide survey of 1,000 children's heads for use by designers and manufacturers of children's bicycle helmets.

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