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Success Story: Improving Truck Cab Design

Aug 16th, 2017
At Anthrotech, we have a vast resume of working with many companies and government entities across varied industries. Occasionally, work for different projects overlaps, and that is the case with our work on truck driver anthropometry. Our first experience measuring truck drivers took place in 2003 and 2004, and it was done for Navistar International, … more »

The Many Uses of Foot and Hand Scans

Jul 26th, 2017
The human body is incredibly complex. And the hands and feet are among the most complex body parts. Fitting products on hands and feet requires extensive understanding of the size and shape of not only the whole hand or foot, but of their various parts. Our database includes all the length and width measurements for … more »

Success Story: Updated Respirator Design Database

Jun 29th, 2017
Any project that involves more than 4,000 test subjects, 41 measurement sites and 8 states is certainly a massive undertaking, even for our established team here at Anthrotech. Both the size and scope of this respirator database project that was completed for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) contribute to its lasting … more »

How to Know if You’re Measuring the Right Body Part

Jun 16th, 2017
  When it comes to developing almost any product to be worn or used by humans – whether it is the development of a virtual reality headset, a seatbelt, a truck cab or anything else – it is important that you do due diligence to make sure the product will work properly; it will only … more »

3 Key Factors to Consider When Determining the Right Sample Size

Jun 6th, 2017
Coming up with the right sample size for anthropometric data gathering is a balancing act. You want to measure enough people to capture all the variability needed to design your product, but you don’t want to waste time and money measuring people you don’t need. Selecting the appropriate sample size is a fundamental step in … more »

Success Story: The United States Navy Anthropometric Survey

May 22nd, 2017
At Anthrotech, we have worked with some incredible businesses over the years including both Fortune 500 companies and startups. We’re also extremely proud of the work we do for the United States Armed Forces. We have been privileged to help with a number of military projects, and today we will share some details from a … more »