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Meet The Team

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Beyond the 95th percentile
Espresso connoisseur
World traveler

Dr. Bruce Bradtmiller

Bruce joined Anthrotech in 1983 as a research assistant and after nearly a decade of hard work and growth, he and his wife Carol Cottom purchased the company in 1992, and he became president.

Bruce, along with domestic and international colleagues, has refined or developed many of the measurement techniques that are in standard use around the world. He is a US expert appointed to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and in that context updated the most recent edition of ISO 7250-1, which is the standard defining anthropometric landmarks and measurements. Previously he was the Division Chair for Standards at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, coordinating standards activities across the society. He has directed projects for military clients including the U.S. Army, Navy and Marines – and many commercial firms. He has done work across the entire U.S. and for entities in Japan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Bruce holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology. He studied at both Indiana University and Northwestern University, where he obtained his post-graduate degrees. Before joining Anthrotech, Bruce was a lecturer, guest lecturer and assistant professor at multiple universities. At the University of Tennessee in particular, he conducted paleopathological research and developed a new course on the subject.

Over his career, he has earned many notable awards and accolades. Along with colleagues, he won a 2002 Liberty Mutual Prize in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, a 2006 Alice Hamilton Award for Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health, a 2006 Bullard-Sherwood Award for Research to Practice, and a 2008 Best Paper Award for a presentation he made to the International Congress on Physiological Anthropology. He is widely published on various topics related to anthropology.

When he is not working, Bruce – an experienced gourmand – can be found enjoying an espresso or singing in two choruses. And, ask the Grand Dude about his grandkids!

Anthrotech’s Research and Support Staff

Each client is unique and our team is able to help them figure out what they need, plan their projects, propose various scenarios on how to accomplish these tasks, all while providing varying degrees of acceptability vs. costs to fit any budget. With over 150 years of combined experience in their fields of expertise, they provide that specialized statistical analysis, 3D scanning, landmarking, extraction, and modelling, and everything else from computer literature searches to survey planning to detailed reporting.

These world travelers will go just about anywhere to gather specific anthropological measurements and 3D renderings of the populations desired by our clients. Between them and Bruce, they’ve travelled to every US state, as well as many wonderful global spots like Dubai, Brazil, Stockholm, Canada, India, Malaysia, France, Germany, England, and so many more. They’ve collected data under stairwells, in malls, cafes, truck stops, on US Naval ships and on ferries. They have some fascinating stories to share!

While additional staff is added as needed for specific projects, this core group works together in seeing all projects through from preliminary planning to final reporting.

Belva Rockwell

Director of Operations
Organizer extraordinaire
Disney enthusiast
Queen of debt free living

Lenora Hardee

Research Associate
Ergo design advocate
Ex-skydiver (jump #47!!)
Hummus aficionado

Shirley Kristensen

Senior Researcher
Data queen
The Danish connection
She’s got music

Ann Lisa Piercy

Business Development
You need it, she’ll find it
“Yes ma’am, Major Piercy”
Supreme fixer of all

Rachel Huffman

Office Assistant/Researcher
Smile and the world smiles
Too short to measure 95%ile