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3D Modeling, Scanning + Digitizing

From 3D head scans to foot scans and more, we provide accurate models for various body parts from specific population segments using high-tech color scanners that capture exact size and shape.

Body Size Surveys

Do you know your customers’ exact dimensions? We do, or we can find out. We are the most experienced firm in the world when it comes to measuring the human body and its parts. With more than six decades of experience, we have set the standard for anthropometric measuring and sampling techniques.

Product Testing

Our product testing services include both fit and wear testing, ensuring correct sizing and comfort while the product is worn. We will fit your products on real people, providing you with actionable information that allows you to improve your product’s fit and overall design.

Sizing + Grading

An accurate and easy-to-understand sizing system keeps consumers happy and can minimize returns. New sizing systems may be needed if a brand experiences many returns or if is expanding into a new global market, where body sizes may differ from the U.S.

Workspaces + Accessibility

People are by far the most variable components of any workspace. Individuals must be able to reach, see and operate controls and keyboards safely, comfortably and efficiently whether they are spending the work day in a factory, a truck, a tractor cab or another complex workspace.

Database Analysis

Our database analysis services enable businesses to know more about their target audiences, resulting in fewer returns, better fits and happier customers.

Expert Testimony

Anthrotech’s experts can show that industry best practices were used with respect to the anthropometric design range of a given product. We do not specialize in assisting either the defense or the litigant; we follow the facts wherever they lead, using a strict scientific approach.