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3D Modeling, Scanning + Digitizing

From 3D head scans to foot scans and more, we provide accurate models for various body parts from specific population segments using high-tech color scanners that capture exact size and shape.

These services include:
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Digitizing
  • Head and face scanning
  • Foot, ankle and lower leg scanning
  • Hand, wrist and arm scanning
Results generated from our 3D modeling, scanning and digitizing services ensure accurate design based on shape as well as size. With these services, clients can:
  • Improve or correct flaws in existing designs
  • Test and integrate prototypes with companion equipment, simulated work spaces and virtual human models
  • Create and manipulate images for animation, computer games, special effects, movies, multimedia presentations and human-shaped products, such as bobbleheads

How we do it:

Anthrotech can create a new scan database just for you, or use its extensive database of 3D scanned heads, comprising both American and Asian heads. Using multivariate analysis, a family of digital head models can be produced to meet your specific population characteristics and optimized for your product, such as virtual reality headsets, goggles, eyewear or hearing devices for gaming or hearing protection. Or, a single head and face model for a distinct demographic, such as a small, African-American female, can be created. The same process can be done for the whole body, or the torso, foot, arm, hand and wrist. We can also help collect and analyze whole-body scan data by using your whole-body scanner.

Our Faro Arm can be used to capture x, y, z coordinates of body positions and postures of people in seated or standing workspaces, such as plane cockpits and tractor cabs. It is also useful for obtaining hard-to-reach human measurements, such as data points on individuals using assistive devices such as wheelchairs.