Anthrotech’s Vital Role in Expert Testimony: A Case Study of Applied Expertise in Anthropometry

Anthrotech has long been synonymous with expertise in anthropometry, the science of human dimensions. While our usual client projects involve supporting companies in understanding human body proportions for product design and usability, Anthrotech recently made headlines for its work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a high-profile criminal trial.

In 2022, the FBI contacted Anthrotech for their assistance in a complex case involving the suspicious death of Bianca Rudolph, the wife of Pennsylvania dentist Lawrence Rudolph, during a hunting trip in Zambia's Kafue National Park. Lawrence Rudolph claimed his wife's death was accidental, but the FBI harbored doubts, especially considering substantial life insurance payouts.

With little physical evidence and conflicting narratives, the FBI turned to Anthrotech for expert testimony. Led by Dr. Bruce Bradtmiller, former owner and now Senior Consulting Scientist Emeritus, Anthrotech conducted a meticulous study to measure several anthropometric dimensions that would support or refute various claims and hypothesis.

The study, which involved women of similar dimensions to Bianca Rudolph, debunked the likelihood of accidental firearm discharge. Thirty-six participants meticulously replicated the scenario, revealing critical insights that bolstered the FBI's case against Lawrence Rudolph.

Anthrotech's collaboration with the FBI didn't just stop at providing data; it extended to national television. The company was featured in an episode of NBC's "Dateline," showcasing their groundbreaking work and underscoring the significance of anthropometric analysis in criminal investigations.

For Anthrotech, this wasn't about determining guilt or innocence; it was about delivering objective data on human body dynamics. As society evolves and interactions with products become more intricate, Anthrotech envisions expanding its focus to encompass studies in occupational ergonomics and human-device interactions.

Oscar Meyer, Anthrotech's President and CEO, emphasizes the company's enduring relevance in litigation, highlighting the ubiquitous nature of human-error scenarios. Whether it's in civil cases or criminal trials, Anthrotech remains committed to providing invaluable insights into human dimensions and behaviors.

Check out the article at which recently won the “Best Local Feature” reporting award presented by the Ohio News Media Association.

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Anthrotech is at the forefront of the ever-changing field of anthropometry.

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