Bring Anthrotech’s Expertise To Trial

Poorly designed products don’t just lead to sales declines — in unfortunate cases, expert testimony is needed to help make sense of the science associated with the variability of human dimensions used in the design of products. Anthrotech’s team of experts are ready to provide foundational insights into the use and application of anthropometric data in the product design and development process.

Expert Testimony Offerings

Anthrotech has developed our know-how over more than 70 years, but the expertise of our team members goes much deeper. Combined, our globally respected experts have more than a century of experience in anthropometry, and are the most trusted voices in the field.

Impartial Testimony

Anthropometric data is based on indisputable facts gathered through meticulous research. Anthrotech’s testimony, much like the data, is completely impartial and unbiased.

Anthrotech follows the facts wherever they lead using a strict scientific approach. The study and science of human dimensions has been with us for centuries and the roadmap we use for discovery has been well-tested. Product design and development starts by asking the “what” and the “why.” At Anthrotech we put our energy into helping you answer the questions with science and data.

Anthropometric Expertise

Anthrotech does much more than simply collect human measurement data. We are the world’s leading provider of anthropometric services, specializing in traditional and digital data collection techniques and processes. Our anthropometric expertise has served the US Government and many global commercial companies since 1950.
If you need insights from an anthropometry expert, Anthrotech’s team are the leaders in our field. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can assist.
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