Find the Right Fit For Your Customers — And Your Bottom Line

Fit, comfort, safety; there are plenty of benefits for your customers when it comes to proper-fitting products. But for many brands, developing an informed sizing system can unlock considerable savings and pave the way for success in new markets.

Sizing Systems Offerings

Anthrotech specializes in crafting sizing systems that cater to the diverse spectrum of your target market while optimizing the number of sizes required. We understand the importance of product fit and comfort, and our sizing systems are meticulously crafted to accommodate all body types and dimensions. 

 By optimizing the number of product size offerings to design and manufacture, you not only reduce costs but also ensure a superior fit, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Sizing System Optimization

Many brands with good intentions launch with a wide array of product sizes. At best, their niche sizes sit on store shelves as unsold inventory. At worst, costly returns start adding up when confused customers purchase the wrong size. 

Anthrotech can help your innovation teams design and manufacture a clear, optimized sizing system to minimize returns and eliminate seldom-used sizes from your product lineup. We can also estimate the number of each size that will be needed for an initial order, optimizing excess and unsold inventories.

Increase Market Share

When your product has a proven track record, you have an exciting opportunity to expand into untapped markets, both at home and abroad. Anthrotech’s research team has traveled the globe collecting anthropological measurements and 3D scans to help clients like you improve the fit and comfort of their products. 

Our databases have robust human measurement data to help inform new product sizes, whether it’s an addition to your existing lineup or a completely new sizing system for a different part of the world. And if you need further research into a particular demographic, we are experts at collecting the data you need to connect with new customers.

Enhance Product Accessibility

Sizing systems go far beyond Small, Medium, and Large — they must also account for customers with a wide range of physical abilities. By incorporating Anthrotech’s anthropometric data insights, your innovation teams can make inclusivity a hallmark of your product design process. 

Our solutions accommodate diverse body types and abilities to foster equality and accessibility in product interactions. Improve fit and comfort, reduce the risk of potential health and safety issues, and unlock more accessible, more successful product design.
Make sense of your product sizing and make a huge leap forward for your customer satisfaction. It’s simple with assistance from Anthrotech.
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