3D Body Scanning Data Collection

Accurate, Actionable Insights

Our commitment to precision is incorporated in all data collection methods. After capturing 3D images of the targeted human body part, we employ advanced landmarking techniques to extract crucial measurement data.

This attention to detail ensures that the insights we provide are not only accurate but also actionable. Your innovation teams will be enabled to optimize product designs with a level of precision that will help set your brand apart in the market.

Digital Measurement Offerings

The intricacies of 3D scanning and landmarking require absolute precision. Our team has manually placed nearly 10 million digital landmarks on 3D scans, providing meticulously accurate and reliable measurements that leave no room for error.

3D Body Modeling

Imagine your product’s ideal customer. That specific person’s needs, style, and body dimensions represent your target audience, and are the driving force behind every facet of product development. Don’t leave such an important person to the realm of imagination — bring them to life with Anthrotech’s 3D body modeling.

Our experts use robust size and shape data to model various body parts for your distinct demographic. For example, if your target audience includes a 85th percentile or higher individual, we can capture renderings of the whole body, head, face, torso, foot, arm, hand, or wrist — all to give you precise measurements to optimize your product.

Arm Your Marketing Team

The benefits of 3D modeling go far beyond the product design process. When it comes time to bring your product to market, you can lean on Anthrotech’s body-accurate 3D models to empower your marketing efforts.

Anthrotech can create and manipulate 3D images for a variety of marketing purposes, including animation, computer games, special effects, movies, multimedia presentations, and human-shaped products like bobbleheads.
Digital data capture can be your team’s competitive edge in bringing your next product to life. Get unparalleled precision when you collaborate with the 3D experts at Anthrotech.
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