Anthropometry Education and Training

Empower Your Team With 70+ Years of Expertise

Industry-leading innovation starts with world-leading expertise. Empower your innovation team to take the next leap in product development with training from Anthrotech, a global leader in the field of anthropometry and applying human body dimensional insights for new product development.

Education and Training Offerings

Whether you have a tenured human factors team or small-scale in-house capabilities, every organization can benefit from Anthrotech’s decades of expertise. We offer comprehensive education and training programs covering the intricate processes and techniques of human body measurement collection and application.

Data Collection Training

Collecting human body measurement is an intricate affair. As leaders in the field, Anthrotech has our finger on the pulse of the cutting-edge processes and techniques being used across the globe — and we are eager to share them with your team. 

We are experts in both traditional body measurement data collection and 3D scanning data imaging and collection, and we can educate your team on the benefits of the different approaches. With our guidance, your innovation teams will be empowered to collect data that is more accurate and precise.

Data Application Training

Whether your design and development team collects human body measurement data on their own or you lean on Anthrotech’s team, data collection is just the first step. We are the premier anthropometric data insights company  that specializes in the application of human body dimensional data in the development of new product solutions. 

Our training equips your teams with the skills to harness cutting-edge technologies effectively, ensuring precision and efficiency in your product development process.

Education and Training powered by Anthropometry Experts

Anthrotech’s education and training expertise is led by our Chief Technical Officer and Head of Anthropometry, Daisy Veitch, Ph.D. Daisy has more than 30 years of experience in applied anthropometry as well as building and maintaining anthropometric databases. Her background in mathematics, economics, and apparel engineering is an asset to many of our clients. 

You will also have access to the expertise of Anthrotech’s data analytics team, your gateway to unparalleled insights. With their decades of experience, your team will learn the techniques and best practices for the management and analytics of human body dimensional data.

Insights In Action

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