Building Comprehensive Human Body Measurement Databases

In today’s dynamic world, understanding your target audience is essential. Anthrotech goes beyond just measurements; we build databases enriched with a broad set of demographic and anthropometric data. 

Building these extensive databases can help empower your teams with insights into diverse user populations, allowing you to create products that cater to a wide range of users that help your products expand into new geographies and market segments that grow sales and market share.

Database Service Offerings

Anthrotech’s 70+ years of expertise in data collection is the foundation for our precision. We provide comprehensive understanding and insights of the human body’s diversity, ensuring that product designs deliver an exceptional experience to a wide range of users.

Unparalleled Insights

Anthrotech has a long and distinguished track record in data collection. We have collected over 4 million human body measurements from more than 35,000 research participants and have created vast numbers of databases to mine insights for our clients.

Reach New Demographics

Throughout product development, you gathered key anthropometric insights about your target audience. Those same insights can help you identify opportunities to iterate on your product and target all-new audiences, as well.

Expand Into New Markets

Launching a product in a new market is a calculated risk. Anthrotech works with clients to build databases to help them mitigate some of that risk, giving you a precise and comprehensive understanding of the relevant human measurements in a new locale.

Empower your product development process with rich anthropometric databases from Anthrotech. Start building the foundation for future success today.
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