A Trusted Legacy of Innovation
Anthrotech is the global leader in anthropometric data insights empowering innovation teams to apply human body dimensional data in the creation of their product designs to deliver the highest levels of product fit and comfort, inclusivity, and user performance.

As the pioneering leader in the field of anthropometry for more than 70 years, we have an unwavering commitment to helping clients enhance their customers’ experiences and create products that define the future of their industries.

At Anthrotech, our unparalleled expertise and commitment to enhancing customer experiences is not just a claim; it’s a proven legacy.

World Renowned Research

Anthrotech’s pioneering work is recognized worldwide. Our contributions in the field of anthropometry have been referenced in more than 278 publications and cited in thousands of other research papers and articles. We’re the go-to source for those seeking trusted and credible data insights in the realm of human body measurement.

Robust Data Collection

We have a long and distinguished track record in data collection. We have collected more than 4 million human body measurements from more than 35,000 research participants and have created a vast number of data sets for our clients to mine insights.  

This is the foundation of our precision and value to clients, providing comprehensive understanding and insights of the human body’s diversity, ensuring that product designs deliver an exceptional experience to a wide range of users.

Digital Landmark Expertise

Precision doesn’t stop at measurement data collection; it extends to the intricacies of 3D scanning. Our team has manually placed nearly 10 million digital landmarks on 3D scans over the past 15 years. Our meticulous approach ensures that every measurement we provide is accurate and reliable, leaving no room for error.

Industry Standards Leadership: ISO & ASTM

Our commitment to setting industry standards is reflected in our expert’s appointment to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We take pride in our role in authoring the most recent edition of ISO 7250-1, the standard for defining anthropometric landmarks and measurements.



meet our team

Anthrotech boasts a team of seasoned industry professionals, anthropometrists, engineers, and researchers. We specialize in translating complex human body dimensional data into actionable design parameters, ensuring that our clients’ products seamlessly accommodate the diverse range of human forms and functions.

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Oscar Meyer

President & Chief Executive Officer
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Oscar is President and Chief Executive Officer and acquired Anthrotech in December 2020.  He is responsible for setting and executing strategies to develop and address the many anthropometric needs identified by its customers. With deep expertise in product design and product development deliverables, Oscar brings his expertise, and experience to apply in the anthropometry space. Recognizing the need to evolve anthropometry beyond data collection, data analysis, and database development, Oscar is driving Anthrotech to address the application of anthropometry more acutely in product development and product design. 

Prior to Anthrotech, Oscar was Chief Executive Officer at Tunstall Corporation, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Invacare Corporation, and in various roles of increasing responsibility in the medical device sector at Johnson & Johnson. During his time at Johnson & Johnson, Oscar completed several international assignments in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. With a robust background in strategy development and business plan execution, Oscar’s bias for measured change and innovation has helped both public and private corporations achieve their strategic and tactical business objectives.

Oscar earned his MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati.  He is also an Adjunct Professor teaching International Business to graduate students where Oscar brings the practical application of strategy to the classroom.  Additionally, Oscar has been trained in anthropometric data collection techniques by Dr. Bruce Bradtmiller and has supported several research studies since acquiring the business focused on the digital collection of data through 3D scanning. 

Randy Burton

Chief Commercial Officer
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Randy is Chief Commercial Office responsible for leading the strategic growth of Anthrotech with a strong focus on building capabilities within sales, marketing, and customer experience. Randy is a recognized commercial leader and strategist with over 30 years of experience in strategic marketing, new product development, brand management, and business development at leading global companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.

Prior to joining Anthrotech, Randy was Vice President of Marketing at Midmark Corporation leading upstream product development and downstream marketing teams that drove strategic revenue and profitability growth across the medical, dental, and animal health lines of business.

Randy earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and a master of business administration from Xavier University.

Daisy Veitch, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer & Head of Anthropometry
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Daisy is Chief Technical Office and Head of Anthropometry responsible for overseeing all aspects of planning and execution for research projects, as well as leading all anthropometry training for Anthrotech.  Daisy is a recognized global expert in applied Anthropometry with extensive knowledge and experience across fit of wearable items and body shape and size data. 

Prior to Anthrotech, Daisy spent 25 years as the criterion Anthropometrist for SHARP Dummies, an Australian company specializing in applied design and research.  She also worked with Flinders Medical Center to develop and refine 3d body scanning in support of advancing the understanding of anthropometry in medical design.  Daisy has highly developed fashion and design skills, working in Adelaide, Australia, and in Paris, France at the La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.  

As a recognized expert, Daisy was appointed as an International Judge for APDeC 2013 (Asia Pacific Design Challenge).  She is a founding member of World Engineering Anthropometry Resources (WEAR) where she has been the Acting Treasurer since 2020 and the Secretary General since 2007.  Daisy is also a past winner of the Australian Wool Corporation Young Designer Award and Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Award for Young Australians. 

Daisy received her Ph.D. from TU Delft (Industrial Design Engineering with a specialization in Medisign).  She is also a well-published researcher contributing to the knowledge base of applied anthropometry with her work cited in more than 48 publications.

Bruce Bradtmiller, Ph.D.

Senior Consulting Scientist Emeritus, Applied Anthropometry
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Dr. Bruce Bradtmiller, a physical anthropologist, is the Senior Consulting Scientist Emeritus at Anthrotech. Since joining the firm in 1983, Dr. Bradtmiller has designed, conducted, and directed numerous body size surveys and other anthropometric research projects.  He has overseen the execution of major anthropometric surveys of US military services, as well as the nation’s law enforcement officers to better accommodate that population in its vehicular workspace.  His leadership in overseeing surveys has included both traditional tape-and-caliper measurements as well as 3D surface scans.

Dr. Bradtmiller has worked on anthropometric accommodation for an array of products including respirators, eyewear, helmets, gloves, dress and functional clothing, chemical protective garments, implantable cardiac defibrillators, automotive lumbar supports, infant car seats, and breast pumps.

He is an appointed expert to the ISO Technical Committee 159 on Ergonomics, Subcommittee 3 on Anthropometry and Biomechanics, and the lead author of ISO standards on anthropometry.  Dr. Bradtmiller received his Ph.D. and M.A. in anthropology from Northwestern University and his B.A. in Anthropology and French from Indiana University.

Rachel Huffman

Executive Administrator
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Rachel Huffman has been with Anthrotech for over 14 years and is Executive Administrator leading research participant recruitment and the administration function overseeing accounting, banking, and finance.  She also supports study planning and preparation, research participant management, data collection, and anthropometry training programs.  

Rachel is generally the first and last person with whom study subjects interact. With her superior communication skills and competencies, she ensures research subjects understand Informed Consent, data collection objectives and process, and use of equipment and tools during the data collection process. 

Rachel earned her associate of arts degree in art education from Sinclair Community College. 

Steve Eckert, Ph.D.

Research Associate
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Steve is a Research Associate supporting a wide-range of research studies in the collection of traditional and 3D digital measurement and is specialized in analyzing, building, and improving processes and systems.  

Prior to joining Anthrotech, Steve spent more than 20 years at Navistar, Inc. (previously International Truck and Engine Corporation), where he was Chief Engineer of Engineering Process Development.  In that role, Steve led various process and system improvement efforts aimed at increasing overall efficiency of the product development organization based on lean product development principles, Kaizen events, and data analytics.  Steve has led teams of design engineers responsible for concept vehicle development efforts including hybrid electric vehicle and heavy-duty (class 8 truck) technology demonstration vehicle programs. 

Steve earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He earned his B.S. in Physics from Hope College in Holland, MI.

Lenora Hardee, Ph.D.

Research Associate
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Lenora is a Research Associate specialized in anthropometry and ergonomics to help clients optimize product usability.  In her role, she collects and analyzes both standard and 3D select anthropometric measurements for a diverse range of Anthrotech clients, most notably measuring U.S. Marine personnel and collecting information about the fit, comfort and effectiveness of products such as load-carrying systems and body armor.

Prior to joining Anthrotech, Lenora spent more than 15 years at Navistar, where she was Chief Technical Engineer, Ergonomics. In that position, she served as a technical expert in assessing truck and school bus compliance with in-house ergonomic design standards, regulatory requirements, and in litigation involving any ergonomics issues. She has been instrumental in shaping industry input for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health anthropometric survey of over-the-road truck drivers.  Lenora has deep experience applying a wide range of research and evaluation methods to the product design and evaluation process including task-oriented structured interviews, usability testing, literature reviews, on-the-road testing, and competitive product analysis. 

Lenora earned a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (with a specialty in Ergonomics) and an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Virginia Tech. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Clemson University.

Chijioke Amagwu

3D Research Specialist
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Chijioke, affectionately known as CJ, works as our 3D Research Specialist and supports Anthrotech’s capabilities in the placement and extraction of 3D digital landmarks and measurements. He is also leading Anthrotech’s efforts to develop deep expertise in 3D digital image capture using handheld scanners. As a trained biomedical engineer CJ’s knowledge of anatomy means he brings a thorough understanding of the nuances associated with placement of challenging anatomical landmarks on surface scans. 

CJ is focused on developing know-how across several opportunities that exist in in the 3D digital space – digital image processing, digital landmarking, digital measurement extraction, analyzing shapes and curves.  

Chijioke received a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering from Wright State University. With a strong interest in computing, CJ is pursuing course work in Full Stack Development as well as Cybersecurity. He recently received his certification as a Master in Scrum project management.

Kristine George

3D Research Specialist
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Kristine is a 3D Research Specialist supporting all aspects of 3D digital landmarking projects with responsibilities for further advancing Anthrotech’s capabilities in 3D digital image capture and 3D digital landmarking.   She also leads development of automated landmark capture processes and techniques. 

Prior to joining Anthrotech, Kristine worked in the Beavercreek school district in Ohio as a paraprofessional providing support to special needs children. In her classroom role, Kristine’s accountabilities included supervision, guidance, and support of children in Grades K-4. 

Kristine is currently pursuing her engineering degree part-time at Wright State University. Kristine is trained in both traditional anthropometric data collection as well as digital data collection techniques and processes. 

Rachel Hall

Research Associate
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Rachel is a Research Associate supporting a wide-range of research studies, as well as a core contributor to the development of Anthrotech’s’ core landmarking and measurement processes and documentation.  Rachel has completed studies in human anatomy to support finer techniques in identifying anatomical points and landmarks, as well as fundamental and advanced Anthropometric courses to support enhanced skills in data collection. 

Rachel has a bachelor of fine art from Ohio University in Athens and an associate degree in art from Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH. She graduated with high honors from both institutions and has won many scholarships and awards over her academic career including the Provost Undergraduate Research Fund from Ohio University, Best in Show from “Ebb and Flow,” and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Rachel’s artwork is featured in Sinclair Community College’s permanent art collection. 

Madison White

Research Associate
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Madison is a Research Associate supporting projects using traditional and 3D digital measurement tools. With a strong interest in anatomy and biology, Madison is well positioned to excel in these data collection techniques. Madsion is also qualified to operate and capture 3D surface scans using a 3dMD whole body and head scanner.

Madison is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science from Miami University, Ohio where she majored in Biology and completed a minor in Molecular Biology. Following on from her undergraduate degree, Madison completed classes in Genetics with the goal of qualifying as a Genetic Counselor. 

Shirley Kristensen

Senior Research Associate
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Shirley is a Senior Research Associate and is responsible for leading Anthrotech’s data editing function. With 33 years of experience in anthropometry and anthropometric data collection, Shirley has extensive experience reviewing and analyzing large sets of data for accuracy and integrity. 

As a team member on many of the large projects and studies executed by Anthrotech, Shirley has honed her skills as a landmarker, measurer, and data collection specialist. That experience continues to play a key role as Anthrotech strives to collect data with the highest level of accuracy and integrity.

Ann Lisa Piercy

Senior Research Associate
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Ann Lisa is a Senior Research Associate responsible for managing all aspects of manual and 3D data collection, coordinating national research participant recruitment, and all off-site logistics management for clients.  Ann Lisa joined Anthrotech in 1997 and has over 25 years’ of experience managing large-scale research projects, most notably as field supervisor US Army Anthropometric Survey (ANSUR) Pilot Study and the full-scale ANSUR II Survey.

Prior to joining Anthrotech, Ann Lisa was a career USAF Education & Training Officer retiring from the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. She had two tours at AFIT as Chief of Operations and Plans developing educational, quality, contingency, short-range, strategic and war readiness plans and policies to support USAF graduate education and professional continuing education programs.

Ann Lisa earned her B.A. in English from Florida State University and an M.A. in Education with an emphasis in educational technology from California State University, Sacramento. She is a life member of the Air Force Association, Military Officers Association of America, Disabled American Veterans and a charter member of the Military Women’s Memorial in Arlington VA.

Kathleen Robinette, Ph.D.

Senior Consulting Scientist, Biostatistics & Anthropometry
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Kathleen is a Senior Consulting Scientist specialized in anthropometry, biostatistics, and fit and sizing for product development and assessment. She has more than 45 years’ experience leading the development, management, and transitioning of new technologies in the field of engineering anthropometry, including the development of 3-D automated human scanning and modeling for product design and evaluation. 

Kathleen planned, organized, negotiated, and directed the first successful 3-D whole body human measurement survey (CAESAR), which produced whole body models that continue to be used around the world today.

She is a Fellow of the Air Force Research Laboratory from which she retired after 30 years of service and is an Honorary Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Kathleen has a Ph.D. in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from the University of Cincinnati, an M.S. in Mathematics/Statistics from Wright State University, and a B.A. in Anthropology from Wright State University. She has more than 80 publications. 

Robert (Bob) Fox Ph.D., CPE

Senior Consulting Scientist, Ergonomics
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Bob Fox is a Senior Consulting Scientist specializing in the consultation and training in the field of ergonomics and human factors.  He has 40 years of experience in occupational ergonomics, primarily in the automotive industry, where he specialized in manual material handling issues, musculoskeletal disorders risk assessment and prevention, and all aspects of job design.  

Bob retired from General Motors Company in 2022 as the Global Subject Matter Expert for Occupational Ergonomics before joining Anthrotech.  He is acknowledged as an authority on ergonomics standards and participates in various work groups for ANSI and ISO ergonomics standards and reports.  He also participates on the NIOSH/NORA Cross-Sector Councils for both MSDs and Healthy Work Design, the ACGIH Physical Agents Committee, the IEA Technical Committee on Musculoskeletal Disorders, USCAR, and the ASTM F48.02 subcommittee on Human Factors and Ergonomics for exoskeletons.   

Bob holds BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering from Texas Tech University and has authored numerous journal articles on manual material handling, the Revised NIOSH Lift Equation, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomics, and aging, and is a fellow of both the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and the International Ergonomics Association. 

Amelia Hubbard, Ph.D.

Consulting Scientist, Biological Anthropology
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Dr. Amelia (Amy) Hubbard is a Consulting Scientist specializing in biological anthropology and responsible for supporting a wide-range of research studies including product performance claims studies assessing fit and comfort, large 3D scanning projects, and the collection of human dimensions (anthropometric) data.

Amy is a user-centered researcher and learning and development professional with two decades of experience in both academic and industry settings. As a learning and development specialist she has developed, delivered, and assessed the effectiveness of trainings focused on process improvements, software for landmarking 3D scans, and anthropometric measurements.

Amy received her Ph.D. and M.A. in anthropology from the Ohio State University and her B.A. in anthropology from Beloit College.

Working at Anthrotech

Anthrotech is more than a workplace; it embodies a culture of innovation and a celebration of expertise. Our exceptional team of anthropometrists, engineers, and research professionals is passionate about working collaboratively to translate complex human body dimensional data into actionable design parameters, ensuring that our clients’ products are not just products but experiences.

jOIN our tEAM

We don’t just work together; we create together. Every day of collaborating at Anthrotech brings us closer to reshaping the future of product design. We believe in inclusivity, and we practice it daily in the way we approach our work. Don’t just join a team; join a family of visionaries who are rewriting the rules of design.
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