Chijioke Amagwu

Chijioke, affectionately known as CJ, works as our 3D Research Specialist and supports Anthrotech’s capabilities in the placement and extraction of 3D digital landmarks and measurements. He is also leading Anthrotech’s efforts to develop deep expertise in 3D digital image capture using handheld scanners. As a trained biomedical engineer CJ’s knowledge of anatomy means he brings a thorough understanding of the nuances associated with placement of challenging anatomical landmarks on surface scans. 

CJ is focused on developing know-how across several opportunities that exist in in the 3D digital space – digital image processing, digital landmarking, digital measurement extraction, analyzing shapes and curves.  

Chijioke received a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering from Wright State University. With a strong interest in computing, CJ is pursuing course work in Full Stack Development as well as Cybersecurity. He recently received his certification as a Master in Scrum project management.

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