Design Insight Services

Get actionable insights to inform your product design or redesign. Anthrotech’s data insight services empower your team to create informed sizing systems, modify design to target diverse populations, and validate fit and comfort before going to market.

Fit Testing

You’ve designed a product, but does it fit your intended users that give them the experience you desire? Anthrotech conducts rigorous testing studies to validate the fit of your products. 

Our experts assess how well your products align with the unique needs and dimensions of your target users. With our fit validation studies, you can have the confidence that your products will deliver exceptional comfort, functionality, and performance.
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Sizing Systems

Anthrotech specializes in crafting sizing systems that cater to the diverse spectrum of your target market while minimizing the number of sizes required.  

We understand the importance of product fit and comfort, and our sizing systems are meticulously crafted to accommodate all body types and dimensions. By optimizing the number of product size offerings to design and manufacture, you not only reduce costs but also ensure a superior fit, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

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