Anthropometric Data Services

At Anthrotech, our experts specialize in designing and executing studies tailored to your specific needs. Whether your needs require traditional measurement techniques or using cutting-edge 3D scanning technologies, we meticulously collect precise human body dimensions to ensure that your innovations are perfectly aligned with the part of the human form they interact.  

These studies help identify and address human factors and fit problems early in the design phase to accelerate development and form the foundation of user-centric product design.

Traditional Body Measurement Data Collection

Creating products that seamlessly integrate into your customers’ lives begins with meticulous data. Anthrotech helps unlock your innovation team’s potential by arming them with robust insights on human dimensions, proportions, and movements.

With more than seven decades of experience, we have set the standard for anthropometric measuring and sampling techniques.

We have been a trusted partner in gathering data for all branches of the U.S. military, government agencies, and industrial companies worldwide.
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3D Body Scanning Data Collection

Our commitment to precision extends to every step of the process. Using 3D scans of the targeted human body part, we employ advanced digital landmarking techniques to extract crucial measurement data.

This attention to detail ensures that the insights we provide are not only accurate but also actionable. Your innovation teams will be empowered to optimize product designs with a level of precision that will help set your brand apart in the market.
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Body Measurement Database Services

In today’s dynamic world, understanding your target audience is essential. Anthrotech goes beyond just measurements; we can support your design objectives by helping build an anthropometric database that provides insights on your target audience.

Building these extensive databases can empower your teams with insights into diverse user populations, allowing you to create products that cater to a wide range of users that help your products expand into new geographies and market segments that grow sales and market share.
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Elevate Your Product Design and Customer Experience

Join us in the passionate pursuit of superior fit, comfort, and customer experience. With our collaborative approach, we work closely with your innovation teams, designers, engineers, and stakeholders to tailor insights to your project’s specific goals.
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Anthrotech is at the forefront of the ever-changing field of anthropometry.

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