Anthropometric Consulting Services

Anthropometric data leads new product development teams to truly human-centered designs — but your internal resources may not have all the capabilities to bring that vision into reality. Bolster your team’s knowledge and capabilities with Anthrotech’s seven decades of expertise, and infuse your product development process with new tools to leverage anthropometric data insights to help drive even greater market success of your new product innovations.

Education and Training

Knowledge is power, and at Anthrotech we empower your innovation teams with the expertise to collect and apply human body dimensional data. 

We offer comprehensive education and training programs that can be tailored to your needs covering the intricate processes and techniques of human body measurement collection. Our training equips your teams with skills to harness these cutting-edge technologies effectively, ensuring precision and efficiency in your product development process.
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When you need expert insights or testimony from a trusted and respected source, reach out to Anthrotech to guide you through the anthropometric analysis as part of your product design and development process. The trusted partner of the US Government and several Fortune 50 companies, Anthrotech is highly respected for the analysis and insights it brings to bear in its work. 

Anthrotech can give impartial testimony on the anthropometric principles and data that were used during product development. We are among the most trusted voices in our field, and our experts have contributed to several landmark cases.

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As a leader in anthropometry for more than 70 years, Anthrotech’s pioneering work is recognized worldwide. Our contributions to the field have been referenced in more than 278 publications and cited in thousands of other research papers and articles. 

We’ve developed a number of case studies, white papers, and publications to share our expertise with the public. Feel free to share these resources with your innovation teams — and know that our experts are always ready to collaborate and give your innovation teams the insights to design products that fit, perform, and delight your customers.

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Unleash your team’s potential with insights from the leading experts in anthropometry. Schedule a consultation with an Anthrotech expert today.

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