Validate Your Product Design

You’ve designed a product, but does it fit your intended users? Does it give them the experience you desire? Anthrotech conducts rigorous testing studies to validate the fit of your products.

Our experts assess how well your products align with the unique needs and dimensions of your target users. With our fit testing studies, you can have the confidence that your products will deliver exceptional comfort, functionality, and performance.

fit testing offerings

Size and comfort sound great on paper, but it’s only through real-world validation that they can be put to the test. Anthrotech’s fit testing services test your products on real people, empowering you with actionable information to improve your product’s fit and overall design.

Save Costs and Time

Carpenters have a saying to keep material and time waste to a minimum: “Measure twice, cut once.” When you inform your design process with robust anthropometric data, you’ve already “measured once.” The second measurement comes when you put your product through fit testing with Anthrotech ahead of large-scale production.

Fit testing can identify human factors and fit problems early in the design phase, when iterations are a matter of changing a blueprint or prototype — not making last-minute changes to your manufacturing plans. Cut down on costs, materials, and time when you “measure twice” with Anthrotech.

Put Your Product to Work

Fit and comfort don’t exist in a vacuum. Data can take you so far, but without real-world testing you’re leaving a critical component of your product’s success to chance. Anthrotech’s fit testing protocols put your product to the test in the real world.

As part of fit testing, your product will be worn by actual people who match — and don’t match — your target demographics. We can even simulate tasks and job functions to ensure your product stands up to the scenarios for which it’s intended. Real-world testing validates the successes your design team has already accomplished and reveals actionable opportunities for better performance.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors have already found success in the marketplace — but almost certainly, they’ve also found bumps in the road along the way. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of competing products can reveal avenues for success as you position your product in the market.

Anthrotech can perform fit testing on your competitors’ products to understand the anthropometric principles that informed their design. Those insights are invaluable, whether you use them to iterate on your own product or arm your marketing team with competitive positioning insights.
Gain the confidence that your products will deliver exceptional comfort, functionality, and performance. Anthrotech’s experts have the expertise to validate your product far ahead of launch.
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