Anthrotech Unveils New Branding and Website

New Brand Identity Reflects Company Growth Focus

Anthrotech, the global leader in anthropometric data insights for user-centric product design, today launched a new corporate brand identity that captures the company’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences through the application of human body dimensional data and the growing value Anthrotech offers clients as they focus on improving product designs that deliver the highest levels of product fit and comfort, inclusivity, and user performance.

The new brand identity, which includes a new website, logo, tagline and more, mirrors the transformation of Anthrotech from primarily a traditional body measurement studies company into a comprehensive data insights company offering a suite of anthropometric data collection and analytics solutions, consulting services, and training programs tailored to meet the unique needs of clients across a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

"Our new branding and website signal a pivotal moment for Anthrotech as we continue our 70-year journey in pioneering advancements in anthropometry and data insights”, said Oscar Meyer, president and CEO, Anthrotech. “At Anthrotech, our commitment to enabling innovation through comprehensive anthropometric solutions and empowering our clients to create products that deliver incredible customer experiences is at the heart of everything we do."

The new tagline, “Innovation. Fit For Life.”, establishes a new path for the company as it continues to strengthen its role in supporting innovation teams in the user-centric product design process. It elevates the importance that anthropometric data plays in shaping the products of tomorrow for human beings that come in a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. Anthrotech is passionate about helping clients leverage human body dimensional data insights to unlock a world of possibilities that lead to better-designed, more accessible, and more successful products.

Meyer continued, “Our goal is to arm our clients with the insights they need to make some of their most critical product development decisions so they can create products that can define the future of their industries.”

Explore and discover more about Anthrotech and the solutions we have to offer clients around the globe.

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Anthrotech is at the forefront of the ever-changing field of anthropometry.

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